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Those are the times that get men and women to shake in their boots. But, take a look. When I first wrote Marketing Outrageously, I realized that my greatest successes were in a crummy economy. That made me pause. Why were my greatest personal successes in a bad economy? I looked at my performance in the years with a good economy. After thinking it through, I realized that it was more difficult to distinguish myself in a great economy. Heck, even the dummies did well in a great economy. It was a rotten economy that provided the best opportunity to shine. Sure, I had some terrific successes in a good economy, but I had outrageous successes when the economy was deemed awful by the federal government.

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So, I came to a simple conclusion: always always, always market your product as if it is a lousy economy. You may now be wondering, What does he mean by outrageous? And why would any responsible businessperson want to market outrageously? For the long answer, you need to read the whole book. This will give you plenty of good examples of outrageous marketing and the reasons it works, along with some useful pointers and guidelines about how to do it. They are easy questions. They are no-brainer questions. You can look up most of the answers in the book.

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You have to come up with them by applying the principles of Marketing Outrageously to your own business. You can skip them and go to the next chapter if you prefer. Each is a partial answer that tells you something about Marketing Outrageously without giving away the whole thing — the way the seven legendary blind men described the elephant. Marketing Outrageously is dropping your assumptions and starting over with a fresh point of view. Marketing Outrageously is the opposite of marketing safely — but it may be the only truly safe way to market.

Okay, I can hear you. Their backs were clearly against the wall, and desperate times called for desperate measures. In this case, their desperate measure was summoning me. These guys had owned the Nets for fourteen years, during which the team had been consistently lousy. They usually broke even, but they could never make any real money. Being able to break even was due mainly to NBA economics. Since , there had been a cap on team salaries. With fixed expenses thus limited, the teams that prospered were those that generated the most revenue.

Some teams wisely spent their limit on great players who drew fans to the arenas. Others, like the Nets, put their money into underachievers and malcontents. In the early s, the Nets were more dismal than ever.

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  7. The owners tried deeply discounting thousands and thousands of tickets. They tried giving away tens of thousands of tickets. The more they gave away, the more people stopped buying tickets, even discounted tickets. Look at this, one owner said. He handed me an empty milk carton.

    The milk company told us they found more missing kids than we sold tickets. There would be huge penalties. We need your ideas on how to get people to go to our games. Even though the Nets were lousy, I felt we could boost their revenue with some unconventional marketing. I wrote a seventy-page marketing recommendation and sent a copy to each owner. Ignore Manhattan. We would ignore the siren call of nearby Manhattan, where basketball fans cheered for the Knicks or nobody, and market to northern New Jersey, the eighth largest market in the United States.

    Marketing Outrageously Redux: How to Increase Your Revenue by Staggering Amount

    Market the other guys. We would market the Nets on the backs of their opponents. Families were our niche. We would market not our players, who were mediocre at best, nor our game, which was forgettable, but family entertainment. We would make attending a Nets game an event to remember and talk about and look forward to, whether the team won or not.

    When I read your marketing recommendation, I got furious. In fact, I had to walk around the block two times just to cool down. Everything you recommended went against what I believed in. After I walked around the block a few more times, I started to think that this was absolutely brilliant.

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    But I also thought it was totally outrageous. This is really Marketing Outrageously. In fact, I had gotten used to it. Fortunately, there were always people who wanted to buy NBA teams, even miserable ones. Cut to the chase: The concepts worked. Gloriously so. The box office people are now way overworked. The marketing people and salespeople are making more and more. I agreed. To this president, who ran a hapless pro sports team, he was right. To the owners who brought me in, however, being so focused on revenue was a tremendous strength.

    I believe all major corporate problems stem from inadequate revenue. Corporations often try to make up for a lack of revenue by means other than marketing. Here are three trendy ways:. Somewhere along the way, the words revenue and investment and loan somehow came to mean the same thing. Need cash? You can raise revenue, or you can raise investment dollars, or just borrow it.

    Investment is cool, because you can live in Oz. You can float wild promises and predictions and rake in millions on the stock market. You long ago cashed in on your stock options and drove away in your new Maserati. The Edward Scissorhands Approach. Even in the best of times, companies should always be undergoing minor liposuction. Unfortunately, some companies look to a present-day Edward Scissorhands, the movie character that had multiple snapping scissors as hands, as the cost-cutting role model for increasing profits in the short term.

    These companies even go further; they crank up the chainsaws and cut away some fat, along with a lot of muscle and gizzard and bone. Wall Street loves this approach. The more blood on the floor, the better. This is a popular solution with larger corporations.

    Marketing Outrageously Essay - Words | Bartleby

    With a couple of signatures, the CEO can make it look like he doubled revenue in a blink. Such bonuses should be considered blood money. The merger is usually paid with the salaries of the thousands of employees who are laid off. The merged company is reengineered, and the new mantra is synergy. Synergy is just a word used to justify increasing revenue by acquisition, a smoke-and-mirrors solution for the CEO who wants to head straight to his bank. Instead of synergy, think parachute — as in golden parachute — for the CEO and a handful of other top executives.

    What will it have to do next? Eventually, the company will have to raise revenue by marketing. It sounds a bit old-fashioned — and it is, because it deals with marketing fundamentals. But to raise revenue in staggering amounts, which is the aim of Marketing Outrageously, you have to twist and pull and stretch those fundamentals. You have to push the envelope. Outrageous sounds dangerous to me. Can I get fired doing this stuff? If the company you work for is a mega-corporation, then Marketing Outrageously might be hazardous to your immediate health. You see, the outrageous ideas and strategies in this book are not, by themselves, dangerous.

    However, they are different, and in a mega-corporation, just being different can be risky. An outrageous marketing idea presented in writing might be considered a professional suicide note.