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A critical historical and contemporary review of phenomenologically oriented anthropology. Topics covered are vast and include politics and violence, language, emotion, illness, pain, ageing and death, sensory perception, subjectivity, empathy, morality, religion, art, aesthetics, narratives, temporality, and spatiality. Farquhar, Judith, and Margaret Lock, eds. Beyond the body proper: Reading the anthropology of material life.

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Durham, NC: Duke Univ. A particularly useful compendium of classic and important texts theorizing the body by leading anthropologists in the field. Terrific source of material for postgraduate teaching as well as reading groups. Issues explored include the commodification of bodies, gender, sex, colonialism, and the biosciences. Lock, Margaret. Cultivating the body: Anthropology and epistemologies of bodily practice and knowledge. Charts the work prior to the early s that engaged with the social, cultural, and historical contexts of the body. Offers great summaries of key literatures while arguing for an open approach toward embodiment, which resists limiting its boundaries and circumscribing its qualities.

Mascia-Lees, Frances E. A companion to the anthropology of the body and embodiment. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. A collection of twenty-nine essays on themes such as affect, biopower, trans gender, genomics, bodily modification, pain, post-socialism, racialization, and transnationalism. Marking out key themes of embodiment in anthropology the volume also offers more recent studies into the production of scientific, technological, and medical expertise in studying bodies and embodiment.

Hang on to your self: Of bodies, embodiment, and selves. Another useful overview article, focusing on anthropological debates that challenge the making of selves, identities, and belonging. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page.

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Please subscribe or login. Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. Adrian Thatcher. Beyond a Binary God. Tara K. The Moral Defense of Homosexuality. Chris Meyers. Understanding Religious Ritual. John P. Mary Shepard Wong. The Transformative Power of Faith.

Erin Dufault-Hunter. Homosexuality and Religion. Richard L Hasbany. Sociology of the Sacred. Philip A Mellor. The Mirror of Yoga. Richard Freeman. Poetics of the Flesh. Mayra Rivera. Decolonizing the Body of Christ. Marriage and Life After Death. Anthony Onyekwe. Surfing Uncertainty. Andy Clark. Jill Oliphant. Philosophy Bites.

Epistemological Crisis

David Edmonds. The Birth of the Clinic. Michel Foucault. Faith and Fertility. Eric Blyth. On Religious Diversity. Robert McKim. Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum.

Warren A. The Key to the True Kabbalah. Franz Bardon. Ruth Snowden. Transfaith: A Trangender pastoral resource. Chris Dowd. Thinking Straight About Being Gay. Thinking Explored. Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Responsibility. Yechiel Michael Barilan. The Good Life. Burton F. Introducing Jung.

Maggie Hyde. Masakazu Shoji. For Goodness Sake. Walter Feinberg. Science, Theology, and Ethics. Ted Peters. Mind, Brain, and Free Will. Richard Swinburne. Congenital Alterable Transmissible Asymmetry. Morris Hyman.

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An Introduction to Christian Ethics 2-downloads. Roger H Crooks. Fertility and Jewish Law. Ronit Irshai. Skillful Coping. Hubert L. Expedition Costa Rica. An example of this is requesting same gender providers in order to retain modesty. Furthermore, Islam also brings forth the principles of jurisprudence, Islamic law and legal maxims, which also allow for Islam to adapt to an ever-changing medical ethics framework. Physicians should not allow a conflict of interest to influence medical judgment.

In some cases, conflicts are hard to avoid, and doctors have a responsibility to avoid entering such situations. Research has shown that conflicts of interests are very common among both academic physicians [56] and physicians in practice.

Doctors who receive income from referring patients for medical tests have been shown to refer more patients for medical tests. Studies show that doctors can be influenced by drug company inducements, including gifts and food. Other academic institutions that have banned pharmaceutical industry-sponsored gifts and food include the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

The American Medical Association AMA states that "Physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate family". Studies from multiple health organizations have illustrated that physician-family member relationships may cause an increase in diagnostic testing and costs. Doctors who do so must be vigilant not to create conflicts of interest or treat inappropriately.

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Sexual relationships between doctors and patients can create ethical conflicts, since sexual consent may conflict with the fiduciary responsibility of the physician. Out of the many disciplines in current medicine, there are studies that have been conducted in order to ascertain the occurrence of Doctor-Patient sexual misconduct.

Results from those studies appear to indicate that certain disciplines are more likely to be offenders than others. Psychiatrists and Obstetrician-Gynecologists for example, are two disciplines noted for having a higher rate of sexual misconduct. Male physicians aged 40—49 and 50—59 years are two groups that have been found to be more likely to have been reported for sexual misconduct, while women aged 20—39 have been found to make up a significant portion of reported victims of sexual misconduct.

In some hospitals, medical futility is referred to as treatment unable to benefit the patient. Some of these cases are examined in court. Advance directives include living wills and durable powers of attorney for health care. See also Do Not Resuscitate and cardiopulmonary resuscitation In many cases, the "expressed wishes" of the patient are documented in these directives, and this provides a framework to guide family members and health care professionals in the decision-making process when the patient is incapacitated. Undocumented expressed wishes can also help guide decisions in the absence of advance directives, as in the Quinlan case in Missouri.

The key question for the decision-making surrogate is not, "What would you like to do? Courts have supported family's arbitrary definitions of futility to include simple biological survival, as in the Baby K case in which the courts ordered a child born with only a brain stem instead of a complete brain to be kept on a ventilator based on the religious belief that all life must be preserved.

Baby Doe Law establishes state protection for a disabled child's right to life, ensuring that this right is protected even over the wishes of parents or guardians in cases where they want to withhold treatment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the textbook, see Medical Ethics book. For the journal, see Journal of Medical Ethics.

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Epistemology and Embodiment: Diagnosis and the Senses in Classical Ayurvedic Medicine

See also: List of medical ethics cases. Main article: Primum non nocere. Main article: Principle of double effect. Main article: Euthanasia. Main article: Informed consent. This section needs additional citations for verification. Further information: Confidentiality. Further information: Futile medical care. Principles of Biomedical Ethics.

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