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Commentarii rerum gestarum in India citra Gangem a Lusitanis anno Comprar usado Precio: EUR Some light dampstains. Tiny singed hole, slightly larger than a pinpoint, to 10 leaves. In good condition. Bookplates of William Gropp and [Antonio] Bonchristiano. A-D4, E6. Several leaves bound out of order.

The Life and Thought of a Portuguese Humanist, 1502–1574

The work was translated to Italian Venice, ? Neither translation included the poem by Petrus Nannius on the final two leaves "Elegiacum in Damiani a Goes equitis Lusitani viri non minus humanitate que literis exculti commentarios, de rebus citra Gangem in India gestis".

The Italian translation also omitted the letter to Bembo that begins on f. The Commentarii was published in Latin in , , , , and as Diensis oppugnatio, which appears here as the running head. A Portuguese translation was finally published in On ff. A1v-E1v, Goes gives a detailed account the first siege of the Portuguese fortress at Diu, in The Sultan of Gujarat, allied with Ottoman Emperor Suleiman I , attempted to capture the fortress, but the Portuguese successfully held out for four months.

In a separate letter on ff. E2r-E4v, Goes stresses that their conquests and trade in spices allow the Portuguese to spread Christianity in Africa and Asia. Goes mentions Paulo Jovio, an Italian humanist scholar who had apparently doubted the intentions of the Portuguese.

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