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In he spent a sabbatical year with Bob Shepherd in the University of California, Davis where he worked on the characterization of cauliflower mosaic virus. There he was introduced to the early stages of molecular biology which changed the direction of his research. On returning to the John Innes Institute he applied a molecular biological approach to the study of cauliflower mosaic virus elucidating that it replicated by reverse transcription, the first plant virus being shown to do so.

Involvement with the Rockefeller Rice Biotechnology Program reawakened his interest in tropical agricultural problems and he led a large group studying the viruses of the rice tungro disease complex. He also promoted the use of transgenic technology to the control of virus diseases and was in the forefront in discussing biosafety issues associated with this approach.

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Moving from rice to bananas plantains his group was among those who discovered that the genome of banana streak badnavirus was integrated into the host genome and in certain cultivars was activated to give episomal infection - another first for plant viruses. He retired at the statutory age in He is an Emeritus Fellow at the John Innes Centre where he continued research on banana streak virus for five or more years after retirement.

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He has published over peer-reviewed papers on plant virology, many reviews and four books including the previous edition of Plant Virology and Comparative Plant Virology. In retirement Roger Hull became involved in promoting the uptake of transgenic technology by developing countries as one approach to alleviating food insecurity.

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He is on the International faculty of e-learning diploma course training decision makers, mainly in developing countries, in plant biotechnology regulation. His other interests are gardening, bird watching, travelling and his children and grandchildren. Comparative Plant Virology provides a complete overview of our current knowledge of plant viruses, including background information on plant viruses and up-to-date aspects of virus biology and control.

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It deals mainly with concepts rather than detail. The focus will be on plant viruses but due to the changing environment of how virology is taught, comparisons will be drawn with viruses of other kingdomes, animals, fungi and bacteria. It has been written for students of plant virology, plant pathology, virology and microbiology who have no previous knowledge of plant viruses or of virology in general. Read more Read less. Amazon Global Store US International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Molecular and Comparative Virology Research Team

Manufacturer warranty may not apply Learn more about Amazon Global Store. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Programme Leader Centre for Virus Research Research interests: Many human viruses utilise or suppress ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like pathways during infection, enhancing their replication. I'm interested in how viruses engage with these pathways with respect to cellular antiviral immunity, to develop novel avenues for therapeutic intervention. Sir Henry Dale Fellow Centre for Virus Research Research interests: Phenuiviruses Reverse Genetics molecular determinants of host tropism in vivo arthropod work ticks tick borne disease.

Professor of Viral Genomics Centre for Virus Research Research interests: I am interested in the content, function and evolution of herpesvirus genomes.

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My current work is on human cytomegalovirus, the leading infectious cause of abnormalities in newborn babies and a serious risk to people with weakened immune systems, such as transplant recipients. Viral evolution; Paleovirology; Virus Surveillance; Epidemiology. Professor of Comparative Virology Centre for Virus Research Research interests: My research focuses on companion animal virology and immunology with a view to understanding disease pathogenesis, correlates of immunity to infection and the development of novel approaches to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of viral diseases.

Research Fellow Centre for Virus Research Research interests: influenza virus; proteomics; mass spectrometry; phosphorylation; virion composition.

Professor of Molecular Pathology Centre for Virus Research Research interests: Our group investigates the role of viruses in human leukaemia and lymphoma. Much of this work focuses on Hodgkin lymphoma and the causal links with Epstein-Barr virus. We also investigate canine lymphoma; human herpesvirus-6; and non-viral aspects of Hodgkin lymphoma pathogenesis. We also work on Wolbachia-mediated inhibition of RNA virus replication in insect cells.

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In particular, we focus on both the viral and host determinants that affect response to therapy and viral pathogenesis. Molecular Entomologist Centre for Virus Research Research interests: Mosquitoes are vectors of arboviruses such as dengue and chikungunya.