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In Lake Eden, Minn. In paper, Blueberry Muffin Murder Feb. After his cover is blown, Mitch Rapp is targeted. Bennie Harper returns to the past, to her college days and her first husband, to stitch together the solution to a present day crime. In paper, Steps to the Altar April , Berkley, 6.

He rediscovers his joie de vivre and begins to write again, chronicling their antics. In pulling their biggest con, things spin out of control. Italian bestseller now in English finds two detectives out to reveal the identity of the leader of a cult of assassins. John Grisham , King of Torts Feb. Now available. Catalog arrived too late to include this book in the Winter newsletter. Gregor Demarkian gets involved with an Armenian-American neighborhood after its church is bombed.

James W. Hall , Off the Chart May , St. Favorite of Tammy and JB. What is the connection of sugar skulls — little candies for the Mexican Day of the Dead — to the high body count in the city? Reporter Eve Diamond is on the story. Sequel to the Edgar-nominated The Jasmine Trade. Laurell K. Hamilton , Cerulean Sins April , Berkley hc, The latest with vampire hunter Anita Blake. Toronto antique dealer Lara McClintoch must sift through the layers of Bangkok to find out if a fellow dealer is dead or alive. Sookie travels out of state to party with the other un-dead.

Erin and Cathie rave about these books.

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As wedding celebrations are in the air on Low Country Island, the Darlings are looking into the murder that crashed the party. The body of a young girl is found in an Irish bog. What is clear is that she was decapitated. Debut thriller with archeology, history and forensics. An old photo drives Chee and Leaphorn into action. Now on the pro-am circuit, golfer Cassie Burdette is teamed with four doctors from a pharmaceutical company.

When one dies on the links, she looks into it. James works at Murder by the Book, a mystery bookshop in Houston. Alex and Milo team to find the killer of artists. Trying to escape his Philly police background and live out a quiet life in the Everglades, Max Freeman is dragged back into the urban nightmare.

His best friend wants him to look at a string of murders, elderly woman who were heavily insured. Second book by a new writer being compared to Hall, White and Burke. Laurie R. King , Keeping Watch March , Bantam hc, After years of rescuing children, Alan Carmichael saves one last kid before retiring—but after the boy is hidden, he begins to think a terrible mistake has been made. Has his intervention set in motion a tide of violence that may claim more innocent victims? Is his own life in danger?

Winner of the St. Attorney Victor Carl agrees to defend an old law school buddy accused of murder, though he believes the guy guilty. Vowing to see justice done, he finds out nothing is that simple. Bill recommends. Joby Sawyer manages her investigation business as if her US Marshall father were still alive. Her current case involves jewels and murder, after a woman is strangled with her own pearl necklace. New series by the author of the cozy Southern series.

Called to a federal institution for the criminally insane, two US Marshals search for an escaped prisoner. Soon, as a storm threatens to strand them on this Mass. Another historical from the author of the Edgar-winning debut A Conspiracy of Paper. With the help of a seductive Dutch woman he sets out to corner the market in a new commodity—coffee. A vigilante called "The Saint" is murdering suspected pedophiles as summer temperatures bring Stillwater, MN, to a boil.

When a priest is found murdered with a medallion of St. Nicholas—patron saint of small children—in his mouth, Phil Broker is recruited to stop the violence. Sequel to Absolute Zero. Setting out to get her money or the book back, she finds a twisted trail of deceit. A woman travels to the town where her estranged sister died in a house fire.

In paper, Not Guilty May , Pocket, 6. Barry Maitland , Babel May , Arcade hc, In their 6th case, Kolla and Brock investigate the murder of a controversial academic who spoke out strongly against Islamic extremism. A series growing rapidly in popularity. The 2nd Kurt Wallander, originally published in ; this is the first US edition. Paul Bannerman returns to action after one of his people — Elizabeth Stride from Haven — is threatened.

A former Delta force member trains the family of a scientist to protect themselves from a drug dealer who wants what the scientist has created. In paper, Long Lost April , Warner, 7. Twenty years after she was tossed out of a home for girls, Evelyn returns to Edinburgh in the midst of a horrendous string of murders, suffering from terrible nightmares. A New Age center attracts bad energy before the lines lead to murder. Lord Charles and Kate Sheridan have been summoned to the most historic castle in Scotland. An heir to the throne, supposedly dead, has gone missing and a servant has had her throat slashed.

In paper, Death at Dartmoor March , Berkley, 6. Robert B. Parker , Back Story March , Putnam hc, Spenser tries to solve a year-old crime as a favor to an old friend and to try to help Paul Giacomin, the closest thing to a son he has. In paper, Black Water March , Hyperion, 5. Mamur Zapt investigates a conspiracy to discredit police officials with accusations of corruption, and falls under suspicion himself. George P. A DC crime lord is on trial and two younger dealers are igniting a slaughter over who will get his turf.

Derek Savage has found a witness who can put the crime lord away, but first he has to keep her alive. In paper, Hell to Pay Feb. The Great War is over and the Peabodys are heading off on another season of excavation. Fourth book in the popular John the Eunuch series. While in hiding, Justinian, the emperor-to-be, asks John to look into a political murder. In paperback, Three for a Letter Feb.

In the near future, certain people emerge who have superior power and use that power to stop crime.

Spaces & events

Soon, however, others emerge who use their new powers for crime. Rizzolo , Blood for Blood Apr. In paperback, Rose in the Wheel Apr.

Chadwick is a guy who, a decade after a personal tragedy, focuses on saving children. After casting an ancient and terrible curse over a crowd, Tribune Ateius is murdered. In June , Reiko and a group of women are abducted and imprisoned in the tower of a ruined palace. Martin's, 6. Turner has arrived in a small Southern town where one can get lost and start fresh. Soon the Sheriff arrives on his porch to ask for help with a murder case.

A rogue Cuban-American, King Bongo, hunts for the culprits and for his sister, the exotic showgirl Panther, who vanished in the explosion. A favorite author of Tammy's. In his 14th book, Lucas Davenport moves up to the state level with his boss and adds a level of politics to his troubles.

In paper, Mortal Prey May , Berkley, 7. Sansom , Dissolution April , Viking hc, Issues of politics and faith collide after a gruesome murder at a remote Benedictine monastery during the reign of Henry VIII. Covering a music festival, Alex Bernier watches the scene deteriorate as tainted drugs kill young men. In paper, Bad Seed Feb. A favorite of JB and Tammy. Lenny Bliss is given the case of a floater fished out of the East River. She wants to write a novel about a homicide detective. A violent attack on a doctor triggers a series of gay-bashing attacks. Agatha Award-winning series.

Is he here to cause her heartache, or is he connected to the murder? Deputy Sheriff Pennington is known as a marksman, and after a couple of people are shot down from afar he seems to be a logical suspect for this rural area. He resumed writing with The Chasm , a novel about identifying a Nazi collaborator who has hidden himself in a remote Italian village. A film of this was planned but never finished. Canning's next book, Panther's Moon, was filmed as Spy Hunt, and from now on Canning was established as someone who could write a book a year in the suspense genre, have them reliably appear in book club and paperback editions on both sides of the Atlantic, be translated into the main European languages, and in many cases get filmed.

He himself spent a year in Hollywood working on scripts for movies of his own books and on TV shows. The money earned from the film of The Golden Salamander filmed with Trevor Howard meant that Canning could buy a substantial country house with some land in Kent, Marle Place, where he lived for nearly twenty years and where his daughter continues to live now. From the mids onwards his books became more conventional, full of exotic settings, stirring action sequences and stock characters. In he began a series of four books featuring a private detective called Rex Carver, and these were among his most successful in sales terms.

Some time at the end of the '60s he began an affair with Diana Bird, the estranged wife of a solicitor living in the area, which led to his separation from Phyllis and leaving the family home in to settle in Devon. He had to wait five years for his divorce, and finally married Diana Bird in She died in February The six and a half years that they lived together were an extraordinarily productive period for him, containing almost all of his best work, including the first five of his 'Birdcage' novels, a trilogy of books for children starting with The Runaways, and the beginning of a trilogy retelling the legends of King Arthur, The Crimson Chalice.

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Canning married Adria Irving-Bell in November , and they moved to Gloucestershire and then Herefordshire, then back to Gloucestershire. He continued writing a book a year, and started to write radio plays, of which three were broadcast. He died in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Adria Canning continued to live in Cirencester, and died there in April Canning seems to have been a generous and friendly man, an accomplished sportsman, keen on golf and latterly on fishing, as attested by his daughter personal interview , the many descriptions of fishing in the books and stories after , and by his dedicating a book to the cartoonist Alex Graham as his golfing partner.

His love of and knowledge of English countryside and wildlife pervades his early and late work. His middle period thrillers are mainly set overseas since "in England you can always call a policeman", as he is reported to have said. In contrast, the 'Birdcage' books, beginning with Firecrest and including his masterpiece The Rainbird Pattern which was awarded the CWA Silver Dagger and nominated for the Edgar awards, were all far darker and more realistic than any of his earlier thrillers.

They do not have conventional happy endings. The settings are mostly in the south of England, and the villains are often sinister government officials who crush the innocent bystanders who might expose them. As a writer he created the characters and wrote the first five books featuring retired art teacher Miss Emily D. Seeton, a gentle parody of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.

Further books nominally in the Miss Seeton series were then produced by two other writers using pseudonyms with "HC" initials. Roy Peter Martin as "Hampton Charles" wrote three novels, which were all released in Sarah J. Mason, writing as "Hamilton Crane", then took up the series writing 14 books in all, some of which are still in print. Mason's books modify Carvic's characters so much that only the names will be recognizable to readers of the first five books. He was best known for his many books chronicling the adventures of Simon Templar, alias "The Saint.

His father was a physician who claimed to be able to trace his lineage back to the emperors of the Shang Dynasty. Charteris became interested in writing at an early age. At one point he created his own magazine with articles, short stories, poems, editorials, serials and even a comic strip. In he married the Hollywood actress Audrey Long ; the couple eventually returned to England where Leslie Charteris spent his last years living in Surrey. Leslie Charteris died at Windsor, Berkshire.

The adventures of The Saint were chronicled in nearly books. Charteris himself stepped away from writing the books after The Saint in the Sun The next year Vendetta for the Saint was published and while it was credited to Charteris, it was actually written by science fiction writer Harry Harrison.

His other memorable creation is Slim Callaghan, a somewhat disreputable private detective most at home in the less savoury sections of London. Although Cheyney's novels sold in the millions during his lifetime, he is almost forgotten today, and his works are mostly out of print.

Frost was born September 30, in Portland, Oregon. Frost died May 30, She was born April 8, in Yonkers, New York. She married John Curtiss on April 27, Curtiss studied at Westport Connecticut College and worked as a copywriter and columnist before becoming a full-time self employed writer.

Curtiss died of cancer on October 10, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Disney wrote 49 novels. Many of her novels were both best sellers and the bases for major feature films. Disney was known for her character development and the creative mystery surrounding her plots.

Macavity Awards

Most of her main characters were based on acquaintances known to her or her daughter, Elizabeth. Disney liked to use her society experiences as a female character base for novels. She was survived by one daughter, Elizabeth Miles Disney, a writer and theater actress, as well as a granddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Laing. Theodore S. Drachman, M. Bernard and Sarah Weil Drachman. Drachman was a public health official and an author.

Drachman attended the University of Minnesota, where he earned his M.

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He was a specialist in preventive medicine and epidemiology. He was deputy health commissioner for Westchester County in New York, and health commissioner for Columbia and Ulster counties in New York between and He also worked as a consultant to various health organizations around the world. Drachman died on July 13, , at the age of 83, at his home in Philmont, New York, of cardiac arrest. Du Bois' father died when she was a year old. Laura remarried in and her second husband, Charles MacDonald , was a lawyer and Wall Street broker. He had a son, Sam , from a previous marriage, and together the couple had one child that survived infancy, Howard Although Du Bois continued to visit her father's relatives, her stepfather and mother were not on good terms with them.

A poor relationship with her stepfather is reflected in Du Bois' writing. After moving to Yonkers in , Du Bois attended the Halsted School and received a classical education. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis at 21 and spent several months in a sanatorium. She wrote poetry and plays, including children's plays, and attended the Dartmouth Summer School for Drama in Theodora met Delafield Du Bois in Connecticut in , and they were married the following year. Delafield Du Bois was ten years older than Theodora. He was an electrical engineer but also pursued other research interests.

The couple had two children, Theodora in and Eliot in Du Bois continued writing short stories and plays. In , Delafield Du Bois left his job to pursue research and the family went to Europe for 18 months, spending time in Munich, Cambridge, Italy and Ireland. The experiences from this travel informed many of Du Bois' future works. The family moved to Connecticut during this period, and Du Bois wrote plays. Du Bois now began detective writing in earnest.

Twenty of her detective stories were published during , and many were translated and published abroad. On Delafield's retirement the Du Bois's bought a boat, and spent nine months of each of the three successive years sailing. Du Bois began to experience professional difficulties during the 's. She changed agents early in , leaving Paul R. Du Bois had been appalled when she had gone to Washington to research and observe the committee and portrayed it negatively in the book.

The caused backlash against her and the book's publisher, Doubleday, received angry letters on the issue, although Du Bois was not informed of them at the time due to health problems. Doubleday did not publish any additional McNeill mysteries after this incident, although they had previously published several of Du Bois' books as part of their Crime Club.

Despite these personal and professional setbacks, Du Bois continued writing and the collection contains several unpublished manuscripts written in her later years. Du Bois died February 1, Mignon G. As a teenager, Good often wrote short stories and novels to occupy herself. From to she attended Nebraska Wesleyan University but did not complete the coursework for a degree. In she married Alanson Clyde Eberhart, and began writing short stories to combat boredom. Within several years she had begun writing novels, and in she published her first novel, The Patient in Room Four years later her alma-mater presented her with an honorary doctorate degree.

By the end of the s, Eberhart had become the leading female crime novelist in the United States and was one of the highest paid female crime novelists in the world, next to Agatha Christie. Known as "America's Agatha Christie," she wrote a total of 59 novels, the last published in , shortly before her 89th birthday.

Eight of her novels were adapted as movies, beginning in with While the Patient Slept. The last adaptation, based on the book Hasty Wedding, was the movie Three's a Crowd released in The normally prolific Eberhart delivered fewer books in the s, possibly due to upheaval in her personal life. After twenty years of marriage, Eberhart divorced her husband and remarried in to John Hazen Perry. Within two years she had divorced her second husband and remarried Alanson Eberhart.

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Eberhart was a Lt. When Mignon died she was buried alongside him at the same gravesite. Eberhart was one of the founders of the modern romantic suspense novel. In an unusual twist for the time, her mysteries featured female heroines. The year after her first novel was published, Agatha Christie followed her lead and introduced another female detective, Jane Marple. Her works often featured female heroines, and tended to include exotic locations, wealthy characters, and suspense and romance.

Her characterization is good, and her characters always have "genuine and believable motives for everything they do. Eberhart also served as president of the Mystery Writers of America. Way was an American writer who also wrote as E. She has produced general novels and juvenile fiction as well as mystery stories. Robert S. Paul D. Jefferson Parker. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners! Julie Hennrikus read. Fiona Quinn read. Jeri Westerson read. Sherry Harris read. Liz Mugavero read. Edith Maxwell read. Barbara Ross read.

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