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Christ Driving the Money-changers from the Temple. Rijksmuseum Stichting Nederlands Kunstbezit. Portrait of a man, possibly Harder Rijcksen after Portrait of a year-old Woman, possibly Aeltje Pietersdr Uylenburgh.

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Paul Getty Museum. Fogg Museum Harvard Art Museums. Portrait of a Young Woman formerly seen as oval portrait of Oopjen Coppit. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Museum. National Gallery of Art Andrew W. Mellon collection Hermitage Museum.

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Joseph relating his dreams to his parents and brothers. Liechtenstein Museum Sammlung Schloss Rohoncz. Diana Bathing with her Nymphs with Actaeon and Callisto. Self portrait with a velvet beret and gold chain. Hermitage Museum Collection Crozat. Mellon collection. Portrait of a Man Standing, possibly Andries de Graeff.

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Self-portrait with architectural elements in the background. Calouste Gulbenkian Museum Hermitage Museum. Department of Paintings of the Louvre Hermitage Museum. National Gallery of Art Orleans Collection. Nocturnal Landscape with the Holy Family resting on the flight into Egypt. Portrait of a man, thought to be Dr.

Paris, Musee Jacquemart-Andre.

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Nivaa, Denmark, Nivaagaards Malerisamling. Tel Aviv, private collection.

Ottawa, The National Gallery of Canada. Munich, Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen, Alte Pinakothek. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum.

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England, private collection. Paris, Musee du Louvre. Queenstown, Maryland, coll.

Houghton Jr. London, Buckingham Palace, H. Queen Elizabeth II. Cincinnati, Ohio, The Taft Museum. South Queensferry, W. Earl of Rosebery. Krul , [].

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Du kanske gillar. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Since the second half of the last century art historians, realizing that the image of Rembrandt's work had become blurred with time, have attempted to redefine the artist's significance both as a source of inspiration to other artists and as a great artist in his own right.

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  • In order to carry on the work started by previous generations, a group of leading Dutch art historians from the university and museum world joined forces in the late s in order to study afresh the paintings usually ascribed to the artist. The researchers came together in the Rembrandt Research Project which was established to provide the art world with a new standard reference work which would serve the community of art historians for the nearby and long future. They examined the originals of all works attributed to Rembrandt taking full advantage of today's sophisticated techniques including radiography, neutron activation autoradiography, dendrochronology and paint sample analysis - thereby gaining valuable insight into the genesis and condition of the paintings.